jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Cientos marcharon por el TIPNIS en Washington. Esperan recabar 50 mil firmas

Voluntarios de Amazon Watch y Green Hearts Project® junto a la comisionada oficial de GHP® en USA están respaldando las actividades a favor del TIPNIS y los Derechos Humanos en Freedom Plaza DC. Se han juntado las primeras 1.000 firmas de la carta dirigida a las Naciones Unidas que pueden leer a continuación y se espera juntar, entre EEUU, Bolivia y otros países unas 50.000 firmas Este vento congregó más de un centenar de personas y grupos de protesta entre los que se se encuentran The Race for Hope; Stop the Machine, Occupy DC, entre otros.

Washington DC October 6, 2011

Mr.Ban-Ki MoonSecretary GeneralUnited NationsNew York, USA

We the undersigned, citizens, members, and representatives of environmental, indigenous, and humanitarian organizations wish to:

FIRST: Express our concern over the Bolivian government's intention to build a transcontinental highway road that will split the Isiboro-Sécure Indigenous Territory and National Park (TIPNIS) in half, destroying in the process one of the most bio-diverse reserves in the Americas that provides essential environmental functions as a carbon deposit, source of fresh water, and home to thousands of native species including several threatened by extinction, as well as to four indigenous nations threatened by ecocide if the highway is built.

SECOND: Condemn the systematic violation of rights of speech, expression, free movement, access to water and appropriate assistance from medical care, and the violent repression suffered by over 1,500 peaceful protesters on 25 September, 2011 by the Government of Bolivia which violently repressed children, women, men, and elders, separating families and forcefully removing over 1,500 peaceful protestors in police vehicles and away from their families and from the pacific march they were conducting. These facts are being investigated and have been recorded and disseminated widely through the Bolivian and international media and organizations. As we sign this letter and present it to the United Nations, the Government of Bolivia is again promoting confrontation between its allies and those who oppose the illegal and forced construction of the highway, a confrontation that may end generating unknown consequences in the coming days if the Government of Bolivia does not stop the confrontation immediately.

THIRD: Demand that the United Nations use all the faculties and powers at its disposal to take appropriate action to demand the government of Bolivia immediately restore the rule of law, the guarantee of constitutional right, and to definitely suspend construction of the highway in its sections 1, 2, and 3 until the corresponding public consultations, established in the Bolivian constitution and under article 169 of the ILO Convention, to which the Plurinational State of Bolivia is subscribed, have been conducted.

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