miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Carta de Amazon Watch para tomar acción sobre el TIPNIS


Dear Colleagues - If you are on Amazon Watch's e-mail update list, you should have just received the below action alert. On our website are two related components: (1) a blog post with background information (including links to helpful resources like Andean Information Network's update on Monday) and (2) the action itself, which is a letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs David Choquehuanca. Once people send that letter, they see a "thank you" page which encourages them to also sign onto the Avaaz action. This went out to our mailing list of 42,700 recipients.

Of course, we first hope you will do the action itself. Then, we would encourage you to distribute amongst your networks (or launch similar actions, if you haven't already, tailored to your membership).

Additionally, individuals and organizations should continue to express these concerns directly, either via fax to the Ministry of Foreign affairs (00591-2) 2408642 or through other connections. Leila of Amazon Watch, for example, has had an e-mail back-and-forth with Rafael Archondo, the new Bolivian Ambassador to the UN.

We have done some media work on this issue. CNN called us the other day, we were quoted in their article today. CIDOB has requested that we help facilitate media outreach for them, so we will be encouraging Spanish language media to be in touch with them for commentary.

We'll look forward to continued collaboration in the coming days. Please keep the latest information from the ground flowing and your thoughts about how groups like Amazon Watch can play a helpful role.

Warm regards...

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